PCST Conference 2018

Conference presentations

The different formats

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When you submit a proposal, you will be asked to nominate one of the following formats.

Roundtable discussion*

A 75-minute session proposed and curated by a single person. Describe in your proposal how up to five participants in your discussion will address a common theme from different angles and perspectives.

Grouped paper*

A 75-minute session proposed and curated by a single person, with a maximum of five research papers on a common theme. Your proposal should provide an overview of each of the papers and how they fit together. You should then add proposals for each of the individual papers. The session as a whole – your overview - and each of the participating papers will need to be proposed and approved.

Individual paper

An examination of the conference themes from a research or in-depth practitioner perspective (max. 12 minutes per paper). These will be arranged in thematically linked sessions by Program Committee.

Show, tell and talk

A variation on Individual papers, where contributions are focused on describing, demonstrating and/or evaluating science communication practices (max 12 minutes per paper)

Idea in progress

Speakers give a talk on proposed research or practice and get feedback from the audience. Presentations will be a maximum of 5 minutes with more time for discussion and feedback.

Speakers' corner

A 5-minute informal presentation of an experience, activity or argument relevant to science communication, and staged outside formal conference spaces.

Visual talk

Poster, photo, infographic, video clip or other visual presentation that can be exhibited on the conference web site and/or displayed at the conference venue. Visuals presenters are expected to be available to discuss their presentation during nominated periods. Selected presenters will be allocated three minutes speaking time in a parallel session to outline their work and then respond to a few questions. Specific guidelines for poster, photo or infographic presentations will be given to successful proponents.


Demonstrations of science communication practices with commentary on their application and effectiveness which will run for 75 minutes


Short theatrical or musical pieces on scientific topics (length may vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes)

* The Program Committee particularly encourages proposals for roundtable discussions and grouped papers.