1032   Individual paper

Promotional products augmented reality advertising: transmedia storytelling for science communication

Author: Fei Gu
university of science and technology of China, China

With the development of augmented reality technology, AR advertising has been applied to the design of promotional products in the advertising industry. For some products with scientific and technological content, AR advertising can construct a new mode of scientific communication from the perspective of multi-media channels, multi-narrative methods and multi-audience participation. The immersion, interaction and conceptual characteristics of AR technology help to spread scientific knowledge more vividly. Taking AR advertisement produced by AR advertisement editing platform developed by University of Science and Technology of China as an example, from the perspective of transmedia storytelling theory, based on three dimensions of storytelling continuity, universality of experience and wide participation of audiences,  this paper studies the scientific dissemination of AR advertisement for promotion products, and puts forward three suggestions: strengthening audience participation and establishing science storytelling Origin and Construction of Open Platform.Through the way of AR advertisement, the dissemination channel, mode, audience and content of scientific communication have been expanded. At the same time, its dissemination effect has also been improved.

Co-author: rongting zhou
university of science and technology of China, China

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