1090   Individual paper

Science with symphony

Author: Milla Karvonen
Allegra Lab Helsinki; University of Oulu, Finland

Classical music seems to be somewhat a neglected media in science communication. However, many classical composers extend their sources of inspiration to science and scientists. There are numerous examples of works from operas of scientists' lives to compositions based on actual scientific data.

Is classical music a good format for informing audiences on scientific topics, or making them interested in science? Does scientific accuracy, emotional connection, or a new point of view matter in the end?

In this mixed methods study, I seek views from composers, musicians, musicologists and science communicators working at the intersection of science and music as well as literature: why compose about science, how can music be used to communicate science, enhance dialogue or even make a change? E.g. climate change is currently worrying artists as well as scientist. Is music being used as a method more by cultural organizations taking a stand, or by scientific organizations trying new methods for science communication, and has there been a change over time?

The paper also explores what kind of contexts these works are presented in, as well as what other methods of science communication are being used together with music.

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