1114   Visual presentation

Tilling an artistic way to undertands the hyperbolic honeycombs

Author: Ricardo Candás Vega
Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas, Mexico

The presentation aims to interact with representations and graphic demonstrations of some complex mathematical concepts such as space, infinity, symmetry, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries, tessellations, etcetera using some drawings and constructions of 3-dimensional Hyperbolic Honeycombs as an artistic and interactive model to appropriate these concepts always through simple and basic concepts, such as: point, line, polygon, polyhedra and reflections, and take advantage of the dynamic nature and beauty of the drawings, which were created in Mathematica, to show an artistic and visually attractive side of mathematics.

Following some of these ideas, we are presenting a game of labyrinths on tessellations in the Euclidean plane where the moves are constrained to rotation and axial symmetries in the tesselations. These can help the comprehension of some mathematical concepts and show another artistic and attractive representation of mathematical concepts. We have used these labyrinths in mathematical rallies with college students and math olympiad participants. The participants got engaged and were able to understand how to play.

Co-author: Valentina Múños Porras
CIMAT, Mexico

Co-author: Marco Antonio Figueroa
CIMAT, Mexico

Co-author: Berta Gamboa de Buen
CIMAT, Mexico

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