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V1 Tuesday, 27 April 2021 08:00 BST   Art and science

Chair: Jenni Metcalfe

Jo Bailey New Zealand 765 Taking 'a load off our minds' through 'airing our dirty laundry': an installation for participation and dialogue
Mandy Bamford Australia 608 Time for a new audience: Boorna Waanginy, Case Study of an Art/Science/Culture phenomenon
Francien Bossema Netherlands 1121 Science communication in an interdisciplinary research project: the interplay between scientists, art historians, conservators and the general public
Autumn Brown Ireland 987 Guides at the Horizon: Art+Science Learning Spaces
Stefanie Doebl United Kingdom 1055 Transforming healthcare now - one doodle at a time.
Alice Motion Australia 1026 The Nano Lens - Art, Science, Nature
Joanne Riley South Africa 985 A Walk Through Time: South African Science Lens Competition
Jan Swierkowski Portugal 1107 Art & Science of the Invisible: Translating through metaphors
Franzisca Weder Australia 960 #finaltrashtination

V2 Wednesday, 28 April 2021 11:00 BST   Participatory science communication and citizen science

Chair: Jan Riise

Nicole Maxine Apolinario Philippines 561 Assessment of Management Effectiveness of Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos City Pangasinan, Philippines
Martin Bergman Sweden 776 Stuck without the middle - how facilitators can help researchers do better citizen science
Ferdoos Esrail Netherlands 824 Navigating Negotiations in Starting Up and Supporting Living Labs
Chi-I Lin Taiwan 737 Fridays for "Farm": Campus farming and the transformation of community agri-food conceptions
Isabel Mendoza-Poudereux Spain 634 How does the public build their opinions and beliefs related to scientific issues?
Carolina Moreno-Castro Spain 646 Which has more influence on the Spaniard's citizens dieting: the media's information and social networks, health professionals or close experiences of relatives and friends?
Alice Motion Australia 1015 Breaking Good - open source drug discovery and science communication
Shanii Phillips Australia 653 An explosive impact: how do science shows influence teenage audiences?
Mark Ivan Roblas Philippines 892 Frame Up: Analyzing Media Frames of News Placements on Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research Projects in the Philippines

V3 Thursday, 29 April 2021 18:00 BST   COVID, environment communication, and more

Chair: Marina Joubert

Oscar G. Cardenas Hernandez Mexico 895 Connecting science to people: the role of National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in science communication
Diogo de Oliveira Brazil 766 Activism in Latin America: the role of science communication and NGOs in socio-environmental conflicts
Michele Emmer Italy 1138 Soap Bubbles and Vanitas : Mathematicians at the Time of Virus
Clementina Equihua Mexico 1018 Communicate the science behind environmental issues. Identifying key messages (and other clues) from scientific papers
Carlo Gubitosa Belgium 658 The problem of trust in scicomm: transforming global science communication with adaptive management of local uncertainties.
Ivan Lukanda Uganda 1061 Science versus alternative "facts": Rolling the GMO debate
Aletta Meinsma Netherlands 835 Quantum Empowerment: how can we organise evidence-based science communication for a dialogue on quantum science and technology?
Joana Kollert Germany 806 Global Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense of Climate Change
Alexandra Schulz Germany 650 New approaches and formats for environmental reporting by a federal agency

V4 Tuesday, 4 May 2021 08:00 BST   History, exhibits and S&T impacts

Chair: Heather Doran

Mabel Ayure Spain 1039 Practices of Public Science and Technology Communication in Colombia and Spain. Study from the science centers Parque Explora (Medellín) and Cosmo Caixa (Barcelona).
Sook-kyoung Cho Korea, South 565 Encountering Artificial Intelligence technology at a Korean science museum
Kun Li China 756 Communicating Quantum Mechanics to the Chinese Public: "A Guide to Roaming the Quantum World" Exhibition as a Case Study
Xiang LI China 831 Constructing an Integrated Evaluation Index System for Science Centers in China
Zi Zhao Lieu Singapore 613 Cancer Misconceptions among Singapore Students
Shalie Malik India 1127 The light at night: our convenience, birds' peril
Yoshikazu Ogawa Japan 606 Promoting and Transforming Communication about Science between Preschool Children and Their Guardians at the Museum
Sangeeta Rani India 1124 Its my time, its my clock!
Hujun Yuan China 759 Promoting the spirit of science through the history of science: Taking the "Shape of the Earth" exhibition of the Beijing Science Center as an example

V5 Wednesday, 5 May 2021 11:00 BST   Innovative approaches to science communication

Chair: Marina Joubert

Emma Berry United Kingdom 581 Research, #Huh? - Improving Clinical Research Awareness
Antonio Budano Italy 994 Virtual Reality system in nuclear physics: a new strategy for science communication
Rita Campos Portugal 571 (Re)Thinking cities through the eyes of young children
Laura Daricello Italy 783 The Astronomical guide of Palermo: an example of Astrotourism at the INAF - Palermo Observatory
Patience Kiyuk Kenya 1123 Piloting the use of virtual reality video of research laboratories as a public engagement tool in secondary school students in Kilifi, Coastal Kenya
Zhi Han Lim Singapore 588 Science Busking as a tool to transform public spaces
Alina Loth Germany 845 Cambridge VERY short
Isabel Mendoza-Poudereux Spain 873 Presenting the Global Plant Council. Bringing plant science closer to society by helping plant scientists increase the impact of their research
Adriana Postiglione Italy 1174 Experience gravity with a rubber sheet: a DIY low-cost educational kit
Sophie Uyoga Kenya 1083 Sickle cell disease - the patient's perspective

V6 Thursday, 6 May 2021 18:00 BST   Engaging the public

Chair: Jan Riise

Rita Campos Portugal 585 Let's talk about climate change... but when do we start?
Mohamed Daoud Egypt 1081 A comparative study on Science Festivals between the United Kingdom and Egypt
Laura Daricello Italy 770 Virtual Reality for increasing the awareness of current scientific research
Aline de Oliveira Coelho Brazil 720 The revision of the International System of Units and the challenge to communicate it: the Brazilian case
Carolina Llorente Spain 654 Scientists' opinions and attitudes towards citizens' understanding of science and their role in public engagement activities
Cynthia Mauncho Kenya 949 Engaging with media; A Kenyan perspective
Konstantinos Minas United Kingdom 1122 Community Learning and Development. What's STEM got to do with it?
Tárcio Minto Fabricio Brazil 1036 Understanding Brazilian Scientists' motivation towards Public Communication of Science
Adriana Santos Brazil 674 Science in Brazilian and Canadian Pubs: Public Communication of Science Initiatives at Pint of Science in Brazil (Uberlandia) and Canada (Ottawa).
Vinod Singh India 1125 Technology, lifestyle diseases and economic burden

V7 Tuesday, 11 May 2021 08:00 BST   Science communication theory and practice

Chair: Marina Joubert

Nemesio Chávez-Arrendondo Mexico 1102 Science communication and science communication research: a dialog in process
Daniela De Filippo Spain 878 A science-shop experience for the co-creation of scientific knowledge
Nancy Longnecker New Zealand 870 Aotearoa New Zealand - Moving to participatory science and bicultural knowledge communication
Jennifer Metcalfe Australia 889 A new nexus model for science communication
Carla Morais Portugal 950 Connecting science communication with evaluation: Representations and practices ranging from lay public to science centers
Roselyne Namayi Kenya 965 Transforming relations between science communication practice and research
Arko Olesk Estonia 1089 Stakeholders' perceptions about the quality of science communication
Aya Tsuboi Japan 911 Science communication practice as a catalyst for science and humanities
Ji Zhao China 906 A study on the popular science mass media of China in comparative perspective
Jixuan Zhou China 705 Exploration of the Danish Consensus Conference On Genetic Therapy

V8 Wednesday, 12 May 2021 18:00 BST   Education and science shows

Chair: Jan Riise

Miquel Duran Spain 1064 Science communication in nonscience events. New opportunities found in Magic Fairs, City Visits, and Flower Festivals
Nemesio Espinoza Peru 573 Scientific research in the contex of epistemology - Searching new practices for scientific research and public communication of science in Peru
Laercio Ferracioli Brazil 691 Science communication about the centenary of solar eclipse in Sobral, Brazil
Miguel Ferreira Portugal 857 Over 20 PubhD Coimbra: when science communication renew city traditions
Luis Islas Cruz Mexico 1077 Magic with Maths: Closing the distance between students and Mathematics
Noni Mumba Kenya 833 Magnet Theatre for Health Research: Experiences of using drama for stimulating dialogue amongst Kenyan public
Marcelo Pereira Brazil 735 Data Scraping to the rescue: settling Brazilian public communication of science's debate?
Ana Santos-Carvalho Portugal 916 Portuguese students' perceptions of science and scientists: a case study in a Ciência Viva school
Florentine Sterk Netherlands 793 Saving the world, one scicomm text at a time: liberal education and the art of science communication
Dana Topousis United States 890 Science Communications Training: Insights and Review from a Practitioner's University-wide Program

V9 Thursday, 13 May 2021 18:00 BST   Museums, exhibits and art

Chair: Heather Doran

Ricardo Candás Vega Mexico 1114 Tilling an artistic way to undertands the hyperbolic honeycombs
Miguel Garcia-Guerrero Mexico 859 Chain reactions for science communication
Karina Lupetti Brazil 875 Ouroboros: science, art and inclusion
Daniela Martin Mexico 864 Theme parks as science communication spaces: the EPCOT case
Tárcio Minto Fabricio Brazil 1045 Exploring Science where it is made: an open air and digital museum in a Brazilian university
Jessica Norberto Rocha Brazil 1011 Towards a more inclusive science communication in museums: a case study of Brazilians with visual disabilities
Kathryn Eleanor O'Hara Canada 935 Two streams, one bridge :a cultural excursion into SciArt land
Luz Helena Oviedo Colombia 903 Museum for change: local paleontologists impact their community
Rocio Ramirez Uruguay 1091 Science Communication Lab - Transforming practice through an exercise of collective intelligence
Jan Swierkowski Portugal 1110 Stellar Entangelment - VR Video